WTMG Meets Vietnamese Official in Hanoi

http://www.worldtravelmediaguild.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Vietnam-DSC_0114-Small.jpghttp://www.worldtravelmediaguild.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Vietnam-DSC_0114-Small.jpghttp://www.worldtravelmediaguild.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Vietnam-DSC_0114-Small.jpgWTMG Meets Vietnamese Official in Hanoi

Members of the World Travel Media Guild (WTMG) held a high level meeting with Vu Nam, Deputy Director of the Tourism Marketing Department of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism during a recent visit to Hanoi. The meeting paves the way for future visits, press trips and cooperation between the government of Vietnam and the WTMG.

Attending the meeting were WTMG President, Jim Thompson (USA), Executive Committee member, Nikolai Meinert (Finland) and WTMG member, Ljuba Meinert (Estonia).

The meeting, which was arranged by E.C. member Nikolai Meinert in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ambassador to Finland, Phom Thi Ngoc Bich, came on the heels of a WTMG Event and press trip in Cambodia from May 18-24, 2017.

“We are happy to have a direct connection with a group as prestigious as the World Travel Media Guild and we look forward to a productive relationship that will take us into the future,” said Deputy Director, Mr. Vu Nam. “We will begin looking into ways that we may cooperate and bring the story of the many exciting tourism opportunities in our country to the rest of the world via the news media.”

During the talks at government offices in Hanoi, discussions were begun for a series of future meetings. The first of these meetings is being tentatively planned for approximately April, 2018. This will be supplemented with an exchange of ideas and story opportunities for the journalist members of the WTMG.

“The WTMG is pleased to have established a working relationship with the National Administration of Tourism of Vietnam,” noted Jim Thompson, President of the WTMG following the Hanoi meeting. “We will begin exploring ways that we can assist the Deputy Director and the Tourism Ministry in getting their message to members of the travel and lifestyle media now and in the future. Our thanks go to Mr Vu Nam for his warm welcome.”

The meeting took a long route from Helsinki to Hanoi. It was arranged by Nikolai Meinert, a member of the WTMG Executive Committee who is based in Helsinki, Finland. His contacts with the Ambassador of Vietnam to that country lead to the meeting with the Tourism Minister being arranged.

The World Travel Media Guild (WTMG) was formed by working journalists, broadcasters and photographers to provide help and support for professionals working in the travel, food and wine industries. Our direct involvement with the industry provides a unique ability to give our readers, listeners and viewers around the world a close-up look at travel destinations.

The WTMG is dedicated to properly checking the credentials of our members and insuring that they adhere to the highest professional standards. Those invited to attend any event that carries our sanction are required to publish articles about the location. We also endeavor to forge standing relationships with cities and countries hosting our events to the mutual benefit of all parties.

Jim Thompson
World Travel Media Guild
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