WTMG Launches New Website

After many hours of planning and hard work, the new World Travel Media Guild website is now operational. The website can be found at http://www.travelguild.org or at http://www.worldtraelmediaguild.com

The new site provides many more features than the old site in a package that most agree is easier to use and navigate. In addition, a host of new features and options have been added.

We now have our own photo database, which will allow easy and fast access to photos from World Travel Media Guild events for use by our members in their stories, editorials and articles. We also now have the capability of displaying video. Our plans call for us to produce video clips and full productions from the site of our events. In addition to informing our members of what we are doing, the video produScreenshot_2015-04-13-17-39-20ctions will also be made available to television stations in countries around the world. This is just one more of the many benefits that we are offering those who host our meetings.

A new Event Sign-up section will also be available on the new site. This section will make it easy for members to get information about upcoming events and to sign-up for them via a simple-to-use interface.

A new Member Sign-up section is also part of the new website. This section provides a way for potential new member to apply for membership and for us to keep a database of those who are members. The database will insure that members receive the WTMG newsletter and important information about meetings, World Congresses and other important news.

We have also improved the general interface making it easy to navigate and added a number of places where members can leave comments and suggestions for improving the service or for just commenting on a news item or posting.

Along with this there are the familiar features such as news items, the Bylaws, updates on activities of the Leadership Committee and information on press trips and media events.

Of course, no one is perfect and there may be some things that we have forgotten or that you just don’t like about the new site. I invite all of you to send me your comments and suggestions for the website so that we can continue to improve it and make it a useful tool for all members of the World Travel Media Guild.

Finally, let me send a warm “thank you” to our good friend and the architect of the new site, Novak Banda. Novak was kind enough to step in and volunteer to help build this new site. It was a lot of work for him, but his efforts are most appreciated. Thanks, Novak for a job well done!


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