Norway Media Trips for WTMG Members

Norway invites WTMG members to visit and experience all that this wonderland has to offer. Our contacts in Norway can do everything from organizing interview subjects to making special arrangements for television crews and photographers, and advising on relevant permits.

In addition to individual trips, regularly arranged press trips for groups and individuals are also available for qualified journalists. The trips vary depending on the media request and the focus of the story.Norway-03

Basic requirements, in addition to being a WTMG member, are about the same as most media visits. These requirements include a confirmed assignment to ensure that target audiences, topics and expectations match those of Norway. In those markets where a confirmed assignment is not needed, the contat in Norway will consider each inquiry and evaluate whether the media, the target audience and the circulation are a good fit.

Generally, press trips start and stop at one of the airports in the relevant market offering direct flights to Norway and participants are expected to make their own way to the departure point and back again on return to the relevant market. Accommodation, meals and activities during the press trip are covered as detailed in the itinerary for each trip and agreed with the PR manager.

Here are a few story ideas:

The Northern Lights

norway-11With the most viewing locations in Scandinavia, Arctic Norway is one of the best places on earth to observe the striking natural phenomenon officially called Aurora Borealis. Norway’s northern lights are among the world’s brightest, and they can be seen against an Arctic backdrop of wild snow-capped peaks in places such as Tromsø, Alta, Svalbard, Finnmark and the Lofoten Islands. In 2012, 40 percent of the tourists visiting Tromsø during the winter season reported the northern lights as their main reason to go.

The lights appear most often in late fall and winter/early spring, and travelers tend to concentrate their trips to Northern Norway between October and March.

Story possibilities:

– The folk legends of the northern lights
– The strange and exotic patterns of the northern lights
– Activities beneath the world’s greatest lightshow

Truly unique places to stay

From snow hotels to treetop cabins and converted lighthouses, Norway offers exciting accommodation for travellers looking to stay somewhere different.Norway-02

An increasing number of travellers are seeking alternatives to plain, standard hotel rooms when booking their accommodation. While comfort remains a priority for many, finding something unique, preferably in a spectacular location, is a determining factor too. Much more than just a place to crash for the night, such accommodation choices become a crucial part of the holiday experience. Whether sleeping in a Sami tent (lavvo) in the Finnmark wilderness, retreating to the comfort of your own cabin after a long day hiking in the mountains, or enjoying spectacular views from one of Norway’s traditional wooden hotels, the options are many. Old world grandeur or modern design, in cities or in the countryside, on land, by (or on) the water, even up in the trees… there truly is something for every taste when it comes to alternative accommodation in Norway.

Additional Story ideas

Norway-06– Historic hotels
– Spa resorts
– Modern design
– Glamping
– Lighthouses
– Snow hotels
– Fishermen’s cabins
– A floating hotel
– Close to nature
– For kids and teens



Please contact Jim Thompson, for details and for the press contact if you are interested in a media trip to Norway.