The World Travel Media Guild (WTMG) was formed by working journalists, broadcasters and photographers to provide help and support for professionals working in the travel, food and wine industries. Our dMemberjpgirect involvement with the industry provides us with a unique ability to understand and address the needs and requirements of both or journalist and associate members.

The founding members of WTMG recognized that there was no international travel association properly addressing the needs of working journalists. While some profess to fill this role, in our experience, they failed to properly qualify their members and included many who are not journalists or who have long retired from this profession.

WTMG is dedicated to properly checking the credentials of all of our members and insuring that all of our members adhere to the highest professional standards.

Journalist membership in the WTMG is open to working travel, wine and food journalists, photographers, broadcasters, editors of consumer and trade publications, book authors and qualified freelancers.

For journalists members, the WTMG provides research facilities and opportunities for communicating and exchanging information with other members and industry professionals. In addition to acting as a point of contact for media and public relations personnel, we coordinate and organize media trips and conferences, assist members in the writing and placement of articles, and aid in travel arrangements and identifying story ideas while on assignment.

The WTMG is also open to public relations personnel and travel industry professionals via our associate membership. By arranging direct communications with journalists, we provide assistance for our affiliate members in getting their message to the press and the public. Associate members are also allowed to participate in media conferences and gathering, and offered direct access to journalist members.

Membership-01Our continuing goal is to provide the very best and most professional service to all of our members.

Members in the World Travel Media Guild include journalists in Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United States, etc.

Current and potential journalist members must provide proof of their professional credentials. A periodic audit of our members is conducted to insure that they adhere to our strict standards. The basic criteria for membership are as follows:

Applicants are required to submit a minimum of four clips of published material or five video or audio tapes which have been aired during the past year. Photographers must submit copies of images that have accompanied at least five articles or stories or a published travel book. Editors who do not normally receive credit in a publication must submit verification of employment and details of their responsibilities as they relate to the travel, tourism, food and wine industries. Online/electronic submission must have appeared on commercial websites that have received a minimum of 20,000 unique visitors per month over the previous 12 month period for which the applicant was paid.

The above criteria is used as a basic guideline for selecting members. Our staff also considers the quality of the work submitted and the type and circulation of the publication. In some cases, five, or even three, clips is plenty – in other cases, 50 may not be enough.

The overriding concern in evaluating any application and determining membership is the quality of the submitted material. We encourage young writers with talent and welcome those with experience into our ranks. If our editors do not think the quality of work reflects the highest standards of professionalism, the application will be denied.

We are proud to have as a member of our staff an Internet pioneer who also has a strong background in publishing and journalism. His guidance has resulted in a website (http://www, that has been praised as one of the best benefits of membership.

Via the website the WTMG members are provided regular updates on current and upcoming activities, member benefits, alerts on trips and story opportunities, feedback from other members, and information from affiliate members.

The website is supplemented with email alerts and mailings that provide members with breaking news items of interest and special offers. Our monthly newsletter provides all members with the latest happenings within the WTMG, story ideas, trip information, member feedback and publications buying articles and features, is distributed via this email alert and is available on the website.

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