The World Travel Media Guild (WTMG) newsletter is published throughout the year and contains important information about the activities of the group and individual members.

The newsletter provides a vital link in informing the members of what we are doing, our plans for the future and our accomplishments. It is also a vehicle for informing members about special programs, media trips and important information about countries/cities hosting our events and our sponsors. The newsletter is sent to all of our members and is available on our website.

The WTMG newsletter is made available in two formats.

The Book version, provides an online magazine format that allows you to flip through the pages like you would if reading a printed publication.

The standard PDF format that alllows for downloading and off line viewing and printing

CLICK HERE for the PDF version of the latest newsletter

If you are interested in communicating with our members – which includes many of the top international journalists – please contact WTMG President, Jim Thompson via email (