World Travel Media Guild (WTMG) Leadership Committee Members

The World Travel Media Guild (WTMG) is proud of the of the accomplishments of our Leadership Committee members. Their accomplishments are a reflection of the professional level of all of the members of the WTMG.

In addition to the brief look at their backgrounds, this section includes the main areas for which they are responsible as reflected under “Sub-Committees.” Please address any questions to those responsible for the area that best matches your questions.

Members of the

 Committee & their main areas of responsibility:

Jim Thompson (U.S.A.)

Los Angeles, California
Tel: (1) 323-256-3625
Email: jimt@worldtravelmediaguild.com
Jim Thompson has been on the front line of journalism for over 40 years as a journalist, foreign correspondent, editor, and broadcaster. His credits include work as a correspondent for CBS, ABC, CNN, Mutual Broadcasting, Associated Press, United Press International and Reuters news services. He established the first all-electronic television news gathering organization in the United States and several important internet and web services and sites. Currently, Mr. Thompson is a regular contributor to a number of major newspapers and magazines and is managing editor of Western News Service. He has also authored travel book on Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Shanghai and Turkey. As a travel journalist he has earned several important awards for excellence in journalism.Sub-Committees: Congresses/Meetings, Membership, Publications


Vice President
Miroslav Navara (Czech Republic)
Prague, Czech Republic
Email: miroslavn@worldtravelmediaguild.comMiroslav Navara has been an important member of the travel journalism community since 1965 when he was a member of the Czech Union of Journalists. Over the years, he has served as manager of the Conference Services of the International Organization of Journalists (1981), manager of the Syndicate of Journalists of the Czech Republic (1990) and a member of the realization team of the TOURFILM, the oldest work tourism film festival (1965-1990). His awards include the “Golden Pen of Tourism and the “Prix Amicica” of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. Besides being Vice President of the World Travel Media Guild (WTMG), Mr. Navara is also the vice presdient for international affairs of the Czech Travel Press.Sub-Committees: Bylaws, Finances, Awards


Victor Radulescu (Romania)
Bucharest, Romania
Email: victorr@worldtravelmediaguild.comDuring a career spanning more than 35 years, Victor Radulescu has been a photographer, cameraman, journalist, editor and television producer specializing in travel and tourism. Prior to 1990, he was a correspondent and photographer for several international magazines that include “The Flame” (Flacara). Thereafter, he worked at several major news outlets, including “Express,” “The Independent” and Radio Contact. In 2006, he founded, “Touristic Week” magazine and organized three international tourism fairs. Currently, Mr. Radulescu is the producer of the TV Show “Touristic Week” for “The Money Channel” on Romanian Television, which received a special award for “the best show on Tourism from Romania.” From 2009-2013 he was President of Tourism Press Club (Romania) and organized events and international congresses for travel press.Sub-Committees: Congresses/Meetings, Awards


Francisco Rivero (Spain)
Madrid, Spain
Email: franciscor@worldtravelmediaguild.comFrancisco Rivero is a writer, journalist and educator/Master’s Professor specializing in tourism. His books include a guidebook on Merrakech, “Extremadura Rural” and “Comarca de Alcantara.” He was the course director of “Communication Tourist” in Guatemala and the director of courses in Madrid, Zafra (Badajoz ) and Plasencia (Cáceres ) on “cultural tourism.” His credits, as Master’s Professor, include Masters in Communication Management and Tourism at the University of Málaga and Master of Destination Tourism of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He received the Tourism Award in Lithuania (2007), the Literary Prize” Universitas Foundation.” Meliá Hotels (2002) and the Yalta Tourism Award from the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Crimea (2001).Sub-Committees: Promotions, Finances, Awards


Nikolai Meinert (Estonia)
Tallin, Estonia
Email: nikolaim@worldtravelmediaguild.comWith more than 35 years of experience, Nikolai Meinert has distinguished himself as a broadcaster and journalist. Beginning in the 1980, he worked for Estonian radio and television, including serving as editor-in-chief of Radio 100 Tallinn and Yleisradio, Radio Finland (Russian Service) and hosting a number of radio and television talk shows. From 1999 to 2007, Mr Meinert worked for Ostromedia Oy, magazine “Новые рубежи” (New Horizons, North European economy magazine in Russian, first as editor-in-chief and then as Managing Editor. From there, he became the Managing Editor of Private InFlight magazine. Today, he I Projects manager and Member of the Board of UspehMedia, a member of the European Journalists Net and the World Association of Russian Press.Sub-Committees: Membership, Publications, Bylaws


Ryker Lomas (Canada)
Toronto, Canada
Email: rykerl@worldtravelmediaguild.comRyker Lomas’ career as a professional photographer stretches over more than 30 years and includes work in commercial, fashion, sports and travel photography. He was a studio commercial photographer in California specializing in food products, fashion and home interiors. From there he entered the exciting world of international auto racing with location shooting for Formula One, NASCAR and IndyCar. He works for Western News Service and supplies photos for numerous travel magazines His travel photo books include publications on Morocco, Egypt, Slovenia, Ireland Romania, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Africa. He also serves as the Official Photographer of the WTMG.Sub-Committees: Promotions, Publications, Bylaws


Andrei Shamrai (Russia)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Email: andreis@worldtravelmediaguild.comAndrei Shamrai is currently the general director of the “Petrocentr” information and publishing company of the Saint-Petersburg government and the founder and general director of Informational Agency “Severo-Zapad Media” (1990-present). He has also served as the general director and managing editor of “Expert Severo-Zapad” business magazine. He was the executive Director of MediUnion, the Russian Media Association (a position he held for more than 12 years) and currnently serve as Chairman of the St. Petersburg Department of the Media Union. In addition to Russian, Mr. Shamrai speaks English and – besides loving travel for both work and pleasure – enjoys literature, tennis and diving.Sub-Committees: Publications, Promotions, Awards